Novawinch EW 098 AC features:

  • All metal hardening gear, resulting in long service life and long working hours.
  • Robust mechanical structure passed 50% overload test.
  • Compact size and simple structure makes mounting and maintenance easy.
  • 100% hold mechanical brake – reliability in full load operations.
  • High performance to cost ratio.

Rated line pull: 22000lbs (98kN)

Voltage: 24VDC

Gear train: 4 gear driven

Gear ratio: 353:1

Motor: 380V AC 7.5hp/5.5kW

Clutch: Rotation

Brake: Motor brake

Wire rope: 1/2″x131′(13mmx40m)

Drum size: 8.66″x9.44″(200mmx240mm)

Overall dimension: 24.01″•31.1″x12.59″(610mm•790mmx320mm)

Bolt pattern: 11.81″•7.87″(300mmx200mm)14.33″x7.87″(364mm•200mm)

Weight: 639.34Ibs(290kgs)

Line speed and current draw (first layer)

Line pull (lbs/kN) Line speed (FPM/MPM) Motor current (Amps)
22000/98 8.2/2.5 14

Line pull and cable capacity

Layer Rated line pull per layer (FPM/MPM) Cable capacity per layer (ft/m)
1 22000/98 40/12.3
2 19621/87.2 83/25.4
3 17636/78.4 131/40.0

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