Novawinch PRO14500 features:

  • Works for up to eight times longer than traditional electric winches (4 minutes continuous usage when pulling) , this exceeds military specifications for this type of winch.
  • 24V stable performance, making PRO14500 ideal for commercial vehicle use.
  • Super low working current (280 amps), avoiding short circuiting during operation.
  • Large drum diameter which reduces rope wear.
  • High torque and durable motor.
  • Innovative “double lock” brake design provides zero drag on cable.
  • Weather resistant, unbreakable handheld switch made from industrial grade rubber.
  • Universal wireless remote switch (optional extra).

Rated line pull: 14500Ibs(6577kgs) single line
Motor(Series wound): DC 24V: 5.5hp/4.2kW
Gear train: 4 stage planetary gear
Gear ratio: 505:1
Clutch: Pull and turn
Braking action: Automatic in the ratchet wheel
Fairlead: 4-way roller fairlead
Wire rope: 29/64″x92′(10.3mmx29m)
Drum size: 3.46″x8.66″(88mm•220mm)
Dimensions: 27.76″•10.5″•12.5″(705mm•266mm•318mm)
Bolt pattern: 10″x4.5″(254mmx 114.3mm)
10″x6.5″(254mmx 165.1 mm)
Net Weight(with wire rope): 170Ibs(77kgs)

12VDC Line speed and motor current (first layer)

Line pull (lbs/kgs) Line speed (FPM/MPM) Motor current (Amps)
0/0 21.3/6.5 40
14500/6577 4.2/1.6 175

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