Novawinch PRO9500SR features:

  • Sealed 6.0 HP motors deliver a quick but safe 52 FPM line speed at a low 50 Amp draw.
  • Anti-high temperature silver contactor tip, 500A Sealed contactor. Only 360A full load current which is the lowest in the industry. Contactor will therfore never overheat.
  •  IP67 sealed provided in gearbox and both drum sides, which isolates all the elements out.
  • Innovative “Double-lock” 100% load-holding brake design provides zero drag on cable in. Located inside the gearbox away from the drum to eliminate heat transfer to the synthetic rope.
  • Convertible control box, meets diverse mounting demands.
  • Laser engraved aluminum tie bars, total three (3) tie bar construction adds strength between drum supports.
  • Chrome plated aluminum ergonomic free spool knob lifts and turns effortlessly. Easily rotates in 45° gearbox design allows winch can be mounted into vehicle bumper.
  • Winch body hardware and roller fairlead upgraded to stainless steel,which avoids rusting and prolongs long term usage.
  • Professional outdoor satin-black powder coat, never peeling off.
  • Weather resistant, industrial grade rubber toggle hand-held switch with 12.8ft (3.9m) lead. Excellent anti-corrosion and unbreakable.
  • Optional wireless remote, control your winch from up to 60’(20m) away.
  • Meet SAEJ706 standard and CE approval.

Rated line pull: 9500lbs(4313kg) single line
Motor(Series wound): 12VDC:6.0hp/4.4kW
Gear train: 4 stage gear-driven
Gear ratio: 171:1
Clutch: Pull and turn
Braking action: Automatic in the ratchet wheel
Fairlead: 4-way roller fairlead/Aluminum hawse
Wire rope: 3/8″×85.3′(9.2mm×26m)
Synthetic rope: 3/8″×85.3′(9.5mmx26m)
Drum size: 2.48″×8.74″(63mm×222mm)
Dimensions: 24″×6.77″×9.84″(610mm×172mm×250mm)
Bolt pattern: 10″×4.5″(254mm×114.3mm)
Net Weight(with wire rope): PRO9500 93.6lbs(42.5kg)

Line pull and cable capacity

Layer of cable Rated line pull per layer (lbs/kg) Wire rope capacity per layer
1 9500/4313 17.7/5.4
2 7571/3437 40.0/12.2
3 6293/2857 65.0/19.8
4 5384/2444 85.3/26

12VDC Line speed and motor current (first layer)

Line pull (kg/lbs) Line speed (mpm/fpm) Motor current (amps)
0/0 16/52.5 50
1816/4000 3.3/10.8 200
2724/6000 2.4/7.9 260
3632/8000 1.8/5.9 310
4313/9500 1.3/4.3 360

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