Novawinch NVT4500/4500i features:

  • Specially designed for ATV & UTV sports, the NVT4500/4500i, this winch is suited to the bigger utility sports vehicles or heavy duty use and includes hand remote control assembly.
  • IP67 motor can be rotated 90 degrees, to suit mounting applications
  • IP67 Gearbox.
  • Patented unique automatic spring braking system – gives you reliability in full load operations.
  • Mounting plate, 4-way roller fairlead, contactor, cable kit and hook come as standard.

Rated line pull: 4500Ibs(2043kgs)single line
Motor(Series wound): DC 12V:3.0hp/2.2kW
Gear train: 3 stage planetary gear
Gear ratio: 180:1
Clutch: Sliding ring gear
Braking action: Mechanical, Automatic load holding
Fairlead: 4-way roller fairlead
Wire rope: 7/32″x55.8J<1>5.4mmx17ml
Drum size: 1.73″x4.88″(44mmx124mm)
Dimensions: 14.88″•4.44″•4.76″(386mmx113mm•121mm) 15.6Tx4.44″x6.3″(398mmx113mmx160mm)
Bolt pattern: 6.6″x3″(168mmx76.2mm)
Net Weight(with wire rope): 30.6Ibs(13.9kgs)

12V DC Line speed and motor current (first layer)

Line pull (lbs/kgs) Line speed (FPM/MPM) Motor current (Amps)
0/0 14.7/4.5 30
4500/2043 4.6/1.4 185

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