Novawinch EN4300 features:

  • A mid range winch EN Rated winch with dependable, high torque series wound 24V DC electric motor.
  • IP67, 450A sealed contactor with anti-high temperature silver contacts for stability and durability under load
  • 4-stage planetary gear with high strength hardened steel gears, that provides tough performance and maximum efficiency.
  • Automatic self-locking braking in the drum for 100% full load brake performance.
  • Pull and turn clutch, simple operation with ergonomic design.
  • Meets EN 14492-1 standard:
  1. The first layer of wire rope safety factor (breaking capacity/rating of the rope) must at least be 2 times of the winch rated line pull.
  2. Space between drum and tie bar requires to be 1.5 times that of the wire rope diameter, for added safety of the wire rope.
  3. (Drum diameter + rope diameter) / the drum diameter requires to be 10 times the rope diameter for EN standards.
  4. Two wire rope mounting holes on the drum for operation safety and security under load.
  5. the winch mechanical structure requires to be 1.25 times of winch rated line pull for structural rigidity.

Optional extras:                                                                

  • Wireless control
  • Wire rope tensioner
  • Winch accessory kit.

Rated line pull: 9480lbs(4300kgs) single line

Motor (Series wound): DC 24V: 8.4hp/6.3kW

Gear train: 4 stage planetary

Gear ratio: 516:1

Clutch: Rotating ring gear

Braking action: Automatic in the drum

Fairlead: 4-way roller fairlead

Wire rope: 3/8″x111′(9.2mmx34m)

Drum size: 3.46″x8.66″(88mmx220mm)

Dimensions: 25.3″x8.46″x11.34″ (642mmx215mmx288mm)

Bolt pattern: 10″x4.5″(254mmx114.3mm) 10″x6.5″(254mmx165.1mm)

Net Weight: 154lbs (70kg)

24VDC line speed and motor current (first layer)

Line pull (lbs/kgs) Line speed (fpm/mpm) Motor current (amps)
0/0 3.2/10.5 50
1814/4000 2.4/7.9 100
2722/6000 2.0/6.6 150
3622/8000 1.5/4.9 180
4300/9480 1.3/4.3 200

Line pull and cable capacity


Layer of cable Rated line pull per layer (kg/lbs) Cable capacity per layer (m/ft)
1 4300/9480 6.7/21.9
2 3810/8400 14.7/48.2
3 3266/7200 24/78.7
4 2858/6300 34/111.5

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