Wire ropes

We have a comprehensive availability of very high grade, high quality 6×36 IWRC wire ropes, suitable for all of our winches. Most of our stock ropes are of compacted 2,160Nmm2 grade, in order to meet EN specification (with regards to rope diameter vs drum diameter), however we can also supply standard 1,960Nmm2 wire ropes, if required (for non-EN rated winches).


For ropes supplied loose (i.e. not already supplied with the winch) and unless otherwise requested, we supply our ropes as standard with a hoist type alloy swivel hook (hook does not turn under load, to preserve rope integrity).


Some examples of our available ropes:

  • 10mm x 30m 6×36 IWRC 2,160Nmm2 c/w 3t swivel hook (MBL: 8,766kg)
  • 14mm x 30m 6×36 IWRC 2,160Nmm2 c/w 5t swivel hook (MBL: 17,431kg)
  • 18mm x 52m 6×36 IWRC 2,160Nmm2 c/w 7t swivel hook (MBL: 28,440kg)


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