Novawinch HW-150/NH features:

  • Integrated hydraulic motor and automatic brake assembly partly located inside winch drum – provides compact size to make mounting easier.
  • Wire rope capacity of over 60m to meet various demands.
  • Drum diameter to rope diameter ratio is 12:1 to ensure rope breakages are avoided.
  • High torque hydraulic motor, 3 stage planetary gearbox and self-adjusting gear design provides strong pulling capacity and efficiency.
  • Oil bath gearbox for added efficiency
  • Water tight and internal anti-heat rubber seals.
  • Overflow valve can be added as optional extra.
  • Meets EN 14492-1:2006 requirements:
    (1)The first layer of wire rope safety factor (breaking strength/rated pulling) must at least 2 times of winch rated line pull.
    (2)Space between drum and tie bar should be 1.5 times of the wire rope diameter.
    (3)(Drum diameter + rope diameter)/ rope diameter ≥ 10;
    (4)Two wire rope mounting holes on the drum for safety operation;
    (5)Winch mechanical structure reach 1.25 times of winch rated line pull.

First layer line pull: 33075lbs/15000kgs

First layer line speed: 13.1fpm/4mpm

Working pressure diff: 2320psi/16MPa

Oil flow supply: L/min

Gear Ratio: 30.4:1

Wire rope diameter: inch/mm

Layer: 4

Wire rope capacity: ft/m

Valve model: 

Net weight (without rope):



  • Recommended oil flow supply range is 50-90L/min
  • Dual balance valves as standard, winch must be used in independent oil supply system with relief valve.
  • Relief valve can be added as optional extra.


  • The winch should never be used for hoisting people or hoisting objects above people.
  • Do not use clutch under load.
  • Do not equip winch into oil supply system without relief valve.


Layer of cable Rated line pull per layer Line speed Wire rope capacity per layer
lbs kg fpm mpm ft m
1 33000 14968 14.7 4.5 42’ 12
2 29000 13154 16.7 5.1 88’ 28
3 25865 11732 18.8 5.7 147’ 45
4 23341 10587 20.8 6.3 210’ 65

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