Novawinch HEN45000L features:

  • Oil bath gearbox – provides toughness and efficient performance.
  • Two wire rope mounting holes – Improves safety during operation.
  • Dual balance valve – ensures reliable brake function.
  • Highly efficient, long lifetime hydraulic motor.
  • Reliable, 100% automatic multi-disc hydraulic braking system.
  • Safe design of single acting pneumatic clutch (manual clutch optional).
  • Excellent weight to strength ratio.
  • Extreme duty winch sealing – superior water resistance.
  • Single acting pneumatic clutch – dependable and reliable design that meets EN standard.

Model: HEN45000L

First layer line pull: 45000lbs/20412kgs

First layer line speed: 12.4fpm/3.8mpm

Working pressure diff: 2030psi/12MPa

Oil flow supply: 75L/min

Gear Ratio: 30.4:1

Wire rope diameter: 7-8inch/22mm

Layers: 4

Wire rope capacity: 190.3ft/58m

Valve model: NF-120 P2 S1–003


  • Recommended oil flow supply range is 35-90 L/min
  • Dual balance valves as standard, winch must be used in independent oil supply system with relief valve.
  • Relief valve can be added as optional extra.


  • The winch should never be used for hoisting people or hoisting objects above people.
  • Do not use clutch under load.
  • Do not equip winch into oil supply system without relief valve.


Model HEN45000L
Layer of cable Rated line pull per layer Line speed Wire rope capacity per layer
lbs kg fpm mpm ft m
1 45000 20412 12.4 3.8 46.9’ 14.3
2 38571 17496 14.4 4.4 101.7’ 31
3 33750 15309 16.4 5 164.3’ 50.1
4 30000 13608 18.7 5.7 213’ 65

Valve options

Model  HEN45000L
Valve NF-120 P2 Y2 S1-003
NF-120 P1 Y1 S1-003
Remark Please see page 22 valve block selection table

Pneumatic clutch

 Air pressure range(bar) 1-8
Ventilation volume(L/min) 1

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